Local Beaches

Rissers Beach


Rissers Beach Provincial Park is about a 20 minute drive from The Lighthouse in Petite Rivière, Lunenburg County. It’s a beach, campground, picnic park and hiking destination on beautiful Green Bay. It makes a great day trip for your family and the park and surrounding area offers a variety of recreational activities.

If you are with a group of sun worshipers, the supervised, white sand beach will no doubt sedate their desire for that perfect tan. You will be amazed at the colour and clarity of the water. If the sand and sun are not your thing, then the beautifully groomed hiking trails, that include some amazing boardwalks along the salt marsh, will most certainly capture your interest. And don’t forget your camera, there are some real photo opportunities along the trail, beautiful seascapes and depending on the season and equipment you have, a chance to shoot some interesting shore birds, like blue herons or the occasional whooping crane or bald eagle.

And after a day in the sun, what better way to relax and share a story or two than a picnic along the beach. And if you didn’t pack a picnic, there’s a canteen on site and opportunities to grab a sandwich and other supplies in Petite Rivière and nearby Green Bay.

tour of the area should be included in your day trip itinerary. There are local craft shops, a winery and other amazing beaches (including Green Bay Beach and Crescent Beach) all within a short drive of Rissers. The canteen at Green Bay is a must stop for an ice cream cone or homemade lobster sandwich. And the views and hospitality? Well, let’s just say, you won’t be disappointed where ever you stop in this picturesque region of Nova Scotia.

Crescent Beach


Crescent Beach is a beautiful 2 km stretch of beach just down the road from The Lighthouse in LaHave. This crescent shaped strip connects the mainland to the LaHave Islands.  This beach is very well kept, in no small part due to the Friends of Crescent Beach who organize cleanups, monitor the health of wildlife and algae in the area and even replant the rose bushes that are so often talked about.  Crescent beach is one of the only beaches in Canada that you can still drive on. Nearby, you will find clamming and kayaking opportunities and bird watching. This spot has seen eagles, gulls, and plovers!  You can access this beach right off of the lighthouse route, just look for the signs. Dogs are permitted, but suggested to be on-leash.

Hirtles Beach


A nature enthusiast’s paradise.  Categorized as a living beach because the beach moves and shifts at the shim of the ocean.  Hirtle’s Beach is ever changing.  Here you will find more than three kilometers of white sand, rolling surf, fresh sea air, drumlin cliffs and breathtaking views.  Located in Kingsburg about 30 to 45 minutes from The Lighthouse (via the LaHave Cable Ferry) off route 332 towards Riverport.