Local Cafés? Our Top 4 Picks

Local Cafés? Our Top 4 Picks

Cafes on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

There are many great places to dine on the South Shore of Nova Scotia including world-class restaurants, friendly pubs and a host of local take-outs and other eateries. It’s the community cafés, however, that are the real cultural centres of local cuisine and lively conservation. There are several in the region and here are our Top 4 Picks.

The LaHave Bakery, LaHave

The LaHave Bakery is about a 10 minute drive from the motel to the tiny village of LaHave, and about a five minute walk from the LaHave Ferry. Definitely an adventure you might want to experience as part of a planned day trip to the area. The old warehouse building that houses the bakery and cafe has been well-preserved. The beautifully worn wooden cabinets, oak product display cases, planked, pine floors, right down to the intricate and functioning cash register are a testament to another era. You can dine inside, or out on the deck. The robust sandwiches are a mouth-full, and delicious, and all made from LaHave Bakery bread (of course). Combine a sandwich with homemade pea soup or other soup of the day, a cookie or date square and you are ready to tell the world about this place.  The reuben, with Montreal smoked meat, is a popular menu choice.

The Savvy Sailor Café, Lunenburg

This is a great spot in old town Lunenburg, small, quaint, with a beautiful view of the harbour. The young staff (usually university students) are amazing, the food consistently great, the coffee second to none and the clientele, well, an eclectic combination of regulars from the local area and visitors to the town (depending on the time of year) – many of them from Asia. Certainly one of the big attractions is the FREE Wi-Fi, so it’s a great place to grab a homemade muffin, sip a cup of coffee, enjoy the view and and check your email or Twitter account on your iPad. Oh, and another big attraction, The Savvy Sailor serves a great breakfast, anytime of the day!

Memories Café, Liverpool

Memories is a relatively new cafe in the region. Located near the waterfront parking lot, Memories offers an extensive menu from salads and sandwiches to burgers and panini. They have daily specials and their soup and half sandwich offerings are popular among their regular clientelle. The variety and quality of the homemade soups at Memories is second to none in the region. Among traditional favourites, is homemade mushroom soup, smooth, tasty and good for you. And depending on the season and in-house ‘soup-making’ rivalries, there could be one or two new soups introduced every week at Memories, from red pepper and apple turnip to yummy enchilada. And they are all, to die for!

Shelburne Café, Shelburne

A tour of Shelburne and historic Dock Street is an interesting day trip and the Shelburne Café is the perfect place to have lunch. It is bright and appealing and includes a busy, in-house bakery. Their soup and sandwich combo is a steal! How about a good-sized bowl of homemade chicken vegetable soup and a thick, delicious tuna salad sandwich on brown bread for $5.50! And if you like the bread, take a loaf home with you from the bakery. And every dime you spend, contributes to the employment of adults with special needs in the community. It’s amazing food and a great cause!

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